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Happy Anniversary FIT4MOM Chicago Loop! #fit4mom #strollerstrides #fit4momchicagoloop #chicagoloop

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It’s Our Birthday!

FIT4MOM Chicago Loop is one year old! The past year has been an incredible journey of building strength, making new friends, and watching our little ones grow. It is all you moms who have helped build Our Village and I thank YOU for personally giving me the strength for motherhood! -Regina Cook (Owner of FIT4MOM Chicago Loop).

As a thank you to all you fit moms—and babies who make our days challenging and rewarding—we’re offering a FREE week in July! This week is good for Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes from now until the end of the month. Email to redeem this special offer!

And we hope to see you at our anniversary party tomorrow, at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, July 18. We’ll have a fun and FREE Stroller Strides class planned and lots of giveaways and prizes from our sponsors, Bob Strollers, Britax, LUNA, Charity Miles, BANDED, FIT4MOM, and more!! We are also giving away a FREE 8-Week Body Back Session! You can still register for our class HERE

In celebration of our 1 year anniversary, we wanted to start a series of FIT4MOM Mythbusters that will cover a variety of topics. We hope you enjoy the first of our mythbusters as written by Amy Bernstein. Amy is a former client turned FIT4MOM instructor. Enjoy!

Mythbuster #1: I don’t have the right stroller for Stroller Strides

When I first heard of Stroller Strides, I thought, “Strides means running. I don’t have a jogging stroller. And even if I did, my baby is too small for one.”

About a month later, I was desperate for a workout and reluctant to leave my baby at a gym daycare. So I clicked my baby’s car seat into a stroller frame and gamely headed to my first Stroller Strides class, hoping we wouldn’t look out of place among the rugged Bobs.

I was happily surprised to find strollers of every kind and moms with babies of all ages. My three-month-old wasn’t even the youngest there.

Best of all, the workout didn’t require running. Sometimes we exercised in front of our strollers, entertaining our babies with our movements and some songs. Sometimes we moved in a circle around the strollers, socializing with each other’s curious babies. And sometimes we pushed our strollers while power walking or doing walking lunges.

I went to my first class nervous that I wouldn’t fit in—that me and my little stroller would be left behind by a bunch of fast, super fit moms pushing big-wheeled strollers. What I found was a community of moms feeling just like I did—nervous about adjusting to new lives, new bodies, and new schedules. And while the strollers ran the gamut from clip-in frames to futuristic modular systems, and, yes, big-wheeled Bobs, we all had one thing in common: We were there to seize an hour for our own health.

By: Amy Bernstein

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Celebrating 1 year anniversary of #fit4momchicagoloop and being a small business owner! #Strollerstrides celebration party next week! :)

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Body Back starts next week! Get inspired. Be transformed #bodyback #fit4momchicagoloop #fit4mom #chicagoloop

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Light up your energy & metabolism this month with summer HIIT 1x per week and then increase to 2x two weeks into June, a great supplement to your current fitness routine! H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) has proven to increase athletic performance, cardiovascular endurance, and burn more fat.

Light up your energy & metabolism this month with summer HIIT 1x per week and then increase to 2x two weeks into June, a great supplement to your current fitness routine! H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) has proven to increase athletic performance, cardiovascular endurance, and burn more fat.

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Stroller Strides at #lakeshoreeast! Fitness Fridays :) #fit4momchicagoloop #fit4mom #fitness

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Celebrating summer at FIT4MOM Chicago Loop! #strollerstrides #lakeshoreeast #chicagoloop #chicago

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Stroller Strides summer celebration in the #westloop! #strollerstrides #chicago #fit4momchicagoloop #fit4mom

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Stroller Strides in the #westloop! #marybartelmepark #momme #fit4mom #health #chicagoloop #fit4momchicagoloop

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New Kicks! #fit4mom #fit4momchicagoloop #fitness #health #momme

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Run Like a Mother! Move for the Kids 5K #soldierfield #fit4mom #health #fitness #strollerstrides

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Get Centered. You Deserve It!

I have always loved this quote that I heard from one of my instructor trainings, ” A strong center gives you distal freedom”. These are such powerful words to me. If you, as a mom, are strong mentally and physically at the center, then you can take care of your loved ones around you. So take that time to yourself to become centered. Take a deep breath every once in awhile. Get focused, and don’t forget about YOU! Exercise, practice a bit of peaceful living through mediation, get a massage or even take a walk in the park. Practice Opti-Mom health and do something good for yourself this Mother’s Day. YOU DESERVE IT!

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Bubble Wrap & Helmets

By: Dr. Nidhi Kukreja

April 3, 2014

During attendance at a sports medicine conference, I began wondering what sports would be “safe” for my two boys. It quickly became clear that there would be none; even if I wrap them up in bubble wrap and keep a helmet on their heads at all times, sports and life will put them at risk for all kinds of injuries, both physical and emotional. Football can lead to concussions; baseball can lead to “Little League Shoulder”; swimming and tennis other shoulder injuries. And if you’re reading this and thinking “thank goodness I have girls”…well, you are not out of the clear: gymnastics, ballet, and figure skating can lead to vertebral fractures (ack!) and soccer and basketball can lead to ACL injuries more so in females vs males. Phew! What a long list. Basically what’s left is bowling. And I’m sure there are wrist overuse injuries associated with that too. Even bubble wrap and a helmet can’t prevent that! And then I began to think about the conversation that I had over lunch with a physical therapist who had a 3 year-old patient with growth delay (basically he is the size of a 1.5 year old but otherwise is completely normal) whose parents were wondering what “sports” he should participate in. My answer to them would be “whatever he likes”. He should have the opportunity to use his developing physical skills as any three-year-old by playing outdoors, throwing a ball, trying to hit it with a bat or a racket, swimming- things that let him just be a kid. There really should be little concern about him playing “contact sports”.

But as they get older and choose to participate in some of the “riskier” sports, do we just not let them? Some of the injuries I talked about occur randomly, but many are preventable. These can occur because of poor mechanics or in athletes that are forced to use the same muscle groups over and over, without necessary “balancing” out their strength. In growing children this can be even more difficult because muscles tend to be stronger than bone, making bony injuries more likely. Plus, kids sometimes don’t know “when to say when”. Let’s face it: kids and especially teens are risk-takers by nature (their frontal cortex which allows us to plan for the future is not fully developed) and they cannot see the long-term consequences of an early “return to play” or “playing through the pain”, such as worsening injuries. We, as the adults, need to be their guide. Fortunately, sports organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of limits; for example enforcing limited “pitch counts” reduce shoulder and elbow injuries in Little League. Return to play in concussions has become a huge issue in the NFL and new regulations came out this year for every state down to the high school level.

With this all said, sports and physical activity in general have countless benefits beyond obesity prevention that in my opinion outweigh the risks. The recommended 60 minutes of daily activity can even be difficult to achieve even for children, especially during Chicago winters. Sometimes organized activities are helpful in that regard. With proper regulations and developmentally appropriate activities that don’t push them beyond their limits, sports and exercise in general can be extremely valuable, even if done without bubble wrap.